The Montessori Method isn’t simply about learning academic skills. Its philosophy prepares students for life.

The Top Benefits of Montessori Schools

Concepts move from concrete to abstract.

In a traditional learning environment, students are introduced to abstract concepts they must memorize without having any context for them. In contrast, the Montessori method allows children to interact with concepts abstractly, then apply what they have learned to abstract concepts. For example, a child may interact with a sand tray to learn about deserts.

The classroom promotes a love of learning.

The Montessori philosophy is based on the idea of letting the child explore their learning environment independently. This lets them be guided by their natural curiosity instead of step-by-step instructions by an adult. This fosters an organic love of learning, rather than being forced to learn because they are told to.

Montessori is a comprehensive approach.

Learning doesn’t stop outside of the Montessori classroom. The philosophy has an impact on everyday life, changing the way children interact with others, their environment, their community, and themselves. With an approach that sees children as competent people, not just miniature versions of adults, they are able to feel capable to move about the world freely.

Montessori is focused on learning, not achievement.

In our Montessori school, we don’t give out grades, awards, or gold stars. The reward for learning is the inherent joy of discovery. This means that children don’t do things because they expect to be rewarded; they do it to be a contributing member of society, or due to their natural desire to.

Montessori focuses on the individual.

In traditional schooling, children are judged based on where they “should” be according to development milestones. This cookie cutter approach simply doesn’t make sense, because no two individuals are going to be at the same place in their development. By letting children work at their own pace, they are given the tools to thrive as an individual.

At Lake Montessori School, we are happy that our students have the opportunity to learn under this incredible educational model. If you are ready for your child to enjoy all the benefits of a Montessori school in Leesburg, contact us today.