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Learning ideas for Summer from an 11 year old.

It's summer! School is finally over! No homework, no more teachers! Just because school is over, doesn't mean you shouldn't stop learning. 

Everyday people learn new things. Inside and outside of school. Summer is a time to take a break from school work, but learning is still not going to go away.

You can take your children to fun places during summer break, and they can learn new things! 

You could take them to the beach, teach them how to swim. You could also teach them about weathering and erosion that happens at the beach, and about the animals in the ocean.

You could take them to Kennedy Space Center, in Titusville, Florida. Teach them about rockets and the universe. The history of Kennedy Space Center is incredible! It's worth driving there.

You could go hiking! Go camping with your children; it will be so much fun! No electronics, just full of fun and learning. Take them to a deep lake, or climb the highest mountain. You could teach them about survival skills, animals, and nature! There is so much a camping trip can teach you and your child.

There will be a solar eclipse in August 2017. You could go outside and be able to see the eclipse in the sky! You could tell your kid about the moon and the sun.

Don't stay inside all day! Let your kid go outside and play games! Swim in your pool! Splash in the puddles of rain, or just play with your friends outside. Take them to fun places! Go to a trampoline park or even a water park. There is so much the world is offering to you. Make mistakes, messes, and try again. Just please make sure your child has fun every day! It's a good thing to learn and have so much fun!

Learning has a fun side and a boring side. If you are a parent, please don't let your child learn from the boring side. It's summer; every day is a new adventurous day!

Your kids could also do camp if they want. They could learn to paint and do art. Maybe they could learn to play an instrument and make music. Your child could try to do a sport they may like!

Summer is full of fun and learning! Be happy every day and try new things. Either way, your child will learn new things every day. Everyone does.


Camp Montessori is approaching fast, don't miss out!

Lake Montessori is excited to announce that it's time again for Camp Montessori! A fun-filled eight weeks packed with activities designed for children to learn, get involved, and most importantly - have a fantastic Summer!

  • Camp Montessori kicks off on June 5th beginning with Favorites Week. This is the week students get to know each other while expressing their favorite things throughout the week. Each day will have a theme, and we encourage campers to get involved! If blue is your favorite color, then come to camp all decked out in blue - from blue hair to blue shoes! Your favorites are all about expressing who YOU are! Favorites week also lets students enjoy getting to know who shares their favorite things and why things are the favorites of others. Share your favorite sport, color, hobby, animal or food!
  • Animals Week kicks off June 12th and runs through June 16th. During animals week, campers learn about all different types of animals including domestic, farm, Oceanic and rainforest animals. Campers will enjoy farm day, ocean life, zoo animals, rain forest, and dinosaurs. Lake Montessori will introduce the students to actual animals brought in for campers to interact with.
  • June 19th through June 23rd is Camp Montessori Survival Week. Campers will be put to the test, can they tie the appropriate knot, can they build a shelter, or find water? Hopefully, this camp will help them survive the wilderness. Campers will have the opportunity to participate in a school field trip and learn archery!
  • Crazy Craft Week runs from June 26th - 30th and includes tie-dying; no-sew projects, picture frames and more! This is the week we get our creative juices flowing! Students will paint a beautiful canvas picture to take home and even get to make slime!
  • Celebrate the 4th of July with us during Stars and Stripes Week! Enjoy the 4th of July Theme, picnic, red, white & blue, all the fun packed into three days! Lake Montessori will be hosting a barbecue for our local heroes, playing yard games and creating fun crafts using red, white, and blue colors. 
  • Be prepared to get soaked during Wet and Water Week where we'll make ourown water park including water balloons and squirt guns. Pack your bathing suit and be ready for some refreshing fun with water! Campers will have a chance to grow a water animal, participate in water wars and play with sprinklers!
  • July 17th through July 21st is Space Week! Let's create the solar system! What is a constellation? Where did astrology come from? Campers will be visited by ROTC students and learn about constellations, NASA, telescopes, moon sand, and rockets!
  • Olympic Games Week is from July 24th through July 28th. Stretch your muscles because we will put them to the test! Campers will participate in many different events for chances to win ribbons. Campers will also be learning about the many different nations that participate in the Olympics.

Camps run Monday - Friday

8:30a - 5:30p


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The latest learning Apps and websites for your little one

lake Montessori

Dr. Maria Montessori was quite clear that the first six years of a child’s life are a time for the child to explore the world around them. Young children develop a comprehensive understanding of their environment by having hands-on, concrete experiences with real objects and their senses (hearing, touching, tasting, seeing, smelling) to take it all in. Dr. Montessori spoke of how the hands are the tools of the mind, guiding the mind through learning and exploration.

The basic truth is that manipulation of virtual objects on a computer screen, even using fingertips, does not compare to the purely visceral experience of feeling the real object. However, if Dr. Maria Montessori were alive today, she would most likely use an iPad in the classroom with children.

Here are just a few great learning apps for your little one:

Intro to Letters (based on theSandpaper Letters classroom material) very similar to the Sandpaper Letters activity; the screen looks like the Sandpaper Letters material, it shows the child how to trace the letter with his fingers and says the sound the letter makes and has the added features of allowing the child to record his voice pronouncing the letter sounds and repeating it back to him.

Intro to Math (based on theSandpaper Numbers and theNumber Rods). Intro to Math teaches your child the basic foundations of math: To read, write and understand numbers from 0-9; Number symbols and their units; Sequence, order, and spatial relationships; An introduction to odds and evens; Problem-solving skills and Fine motor skills

Animals of North America helps children learn where each animal lives on the North American continent, several facts about each animal, and their current conservation status. This Montessori application was co-developed and approved by an AMI certified, Montessori teacher with over forty years experience educating children!

Hundred Board Lite This app is a fun and educational exercise found in the Montessori classroom to help children with their counting from 1 to 100. The board and the number squares are exact replicas of these classic classroom materials! Three lessons are included: 1. Standard sequencing from 1 to 100.

2. Even numbers only. 3. Odd numbers only. The child has to search for the next appropriate number in the scrambled numbers on the right side. When they choose the correct one, the number will automatically move into position on the board. You'll be pleasantly surprised at how long it takes to finish! At the bottom, a score is presented for parents to observe how their child is progressing.


Excellent ways to get your kids to use science every day

kids scienceMaria Montessori believed that all children are like “little scientists” in their eagerness to observe and make cause and effect discoveries about their world. Infants and toddlers test their environment to see what happens when they drop a toy from their highchair or play with water in their bath. This drive for discovery continues to grow and develop as they grow and become more adventurous. Children are born with incredible imaginations and a sincere desire to explore their world.

View the world from your child’s perspective. No matter how many words and illustrations a book has, no book exists that can replace the value of spending time studying the real thing. Keep in mind that your child’s world is low to the ground. Rediscover the world through your child’s eyes and at her pace. Follow your child’s lead. Slow down and be prepared to stop often and examine what captures their attention. Children learn better through doing rather than being told. While they are young, children are not only learning about things; they are learning how to learn. Direct observation and hands-on experience are one of the many excellent ways to use science every day.

Explore the outside world. Children love to be outdoors. From simply wandering around to climbing trees, collecting pinecones or picking berries, they find enjoyment in things we often take for granted. Children cherish experiences such as helping to look after the family garden or feeding animals like ducks, rabbits, and chickens. Lifelong memories form by days spent hiking in the woods with their parents, playing in a creek, and looking for shells along a beach. Your child’s outdoor life will probably begin by going out for little excursions in the stroller or on your back. Take time to introduce your child to your world. Even very young infants absorb the many sights and sounds of the outdoors. From the clouds passing overhead, to the sight and smell of flowers in the garden, and the wind rustling through the leaves in the trees, all of these leave a strong and lasting impression. Point out the small things your child can discover, like a tiny flower poking up through the sidewalk, a beautiful rock, a perfectly formed leaf.

Help your kids be stewards of our planet Another fundamental Montessori belief is that our children are stewards of our planet and must learn to care for distant places like rainforests as well as pockets of nature closer to home - within the city or suburbs, and to help preserve them for the future. Instill a reverence for life in your children. After all, we are all small parts of the great big web of life. We depend on the continuance of the delicate balance within the natural world for our very own existence. Teach your children not just to pick leaves and flowers aimlessly then toss them aside, but to gather them.


Five ways to trick kids into learning by having fun.

Maria Montessori said, "Play Is The Work of the Child." According to research performed by the Child Development Institute, play activities are essential to healthy development for children and adolescents. Research shows that 75% of brain development occurs after birth. The activities engaged in by children both stimulate and influence the pattern of the connections made between the nerve cells. This process affects the development of fine and gross motor skills, language, socialization, personal awareness, emotional well-being, creativity, problem-solving and learning the ability.

The most important role that play can have is to help children to be active, make choices and practice actions to mastery. They should have experience with a wide variety of content (art, music, language, science, math, social relations) because each is necessary for the development of a complex and integrated brain. Play that links sensorimotor, cognitive and social-emotional experiences provide an ideal setting for brain development.

While as parents, we understand and value the clear benefits of learning through play, children are more apt to care more about the fun side. Here are five easy ways to “trick” kids into learning through fun:

  1. Use music to enrich their minds: Tap into your child’s musical genius, or at least enjoy trying. Introduce your kids to musical instruments by using household items to make your own. Expose your kids to various genres and generations of music. Take the learning a step further by coming up with fun musical quizzes. Once the door to music is opened, it’s a door your child is sure to want to walk through again and again.
  2. Plant a garden: Not only is gardening a tactile development experience for both kids and adults, but it’s also an excellent way to learn about different plant life, growing methods, patience, and nutrition. Gardening encourages children to get excited about eating the vegetables they’ve grown, so this is a great way to promote healthy nutrition habits early.
  3. Teach number recognition and counting: A fun way to introduce mathematics to preschool aged children is by using multiple familiar objects to teach counting and number matching.
  4. Use discovery baskets to encourage sensory development: Discovery baskets are all about sensory and are especially perfect for younger toddlers. The little treasures that they can categorize and play with encouraging them to explore, investigate and examine new materials, shapes, colors, tastes, textures, sounds, weights and quantities.
  5. Have a nature scavenger hunt: Make use of a fun picture chart to hunt for, identify, and collect various nature items like pine cones, various types of leaves, rocks, flowers, and grass. 

For more fun learning tips contact Lake Montessori today!

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