Nearpod is an interactive learning platform that lends itself perfectly to the Montessori method. Teachers can easily use this innovative technology to customize interactive lessons for their students. Every student receives a device that is synchronized with the rest of the class, providing an inclusive platform that allows for every student to be autonomous over their education. This allows our students to utilize technology is such a way that they can maintain the independent curiosity integral to the Montessori approach while still receiving guidance from the instructor. We offer the Nearpod program to students in fourth grade and above.

STEM Career Adventures by ROZZY

The future is in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math). Regardless of age, it’s never too soon to begin preparing students to think about their futures. The ROZZY STEM Career Adventures Program allows students to experience real-world careers. This program easily translates to different learning environments, particularly the Montessori classroom, because it offers hands-on lessons that are genuinely interesting and fun. Through lesson plans, activities books, videos and pictures, and creative-writing prompts, there are so many different ways students from kindergarten to eighth grade can learn about STEM careers from this program.

Montessori Compass

The Montessori Compass is another way we take advantage of the latest evolutions in technology to helps students make the most of their education. This communication tool allows teachers and parents to communicate seamlessly about lesson plans, student activity, and student progress. It even allows teachers to share pictures of students engaging in their favorite activities on a daily basis.

Leader in Me – 7 Habits of Happy Kids

At Lake Montessori School, we have adopted the comprehensive school improvement model, Leader in Me (LiM). Based on Stephen Covey’s “7 Habits of Happy Kids,” the program is designed to foster leadership skills in children. This evidence-based approach was developed with educators and is based on the day that everyone can be a leader, regardless of age or status. The nurturing learning environment allows children to feel safe and cared for by their teachers in order to feel confident stepping into leadership roles.


At Lake Montessori School, we are proud to offer a drama program to our students. School drama programs have a variety of benefits to children, whether they’re center stage or behind the scenes. Participating in a drama program allows students to receive constructive feedback, deepen their capacity for human expression, enhance their cognitive abilities, learn to communicate with their peers, and understand the depths of their emotions. Given the richness of the benefits offered through drama, it’s no surprise that our drama program is quite popular.


Our gardening program at our Montessori school was created based on the many benefits gardening offers to kids. Gardening teaches children about food and encourages them to make healthier choices. In addition, gardening offers children the opportunity to engage in moderate exercise outdoors — you would be surprised to learn how many muscle groups are involved in digging, planting, and raking! Gardening also has proven cognitive and mental health benefits, improving focus and memory, improving mood, and providing stress relief.

We are proud to now be partnered with Dirty Dog Organics! From our garden to your table, we now provide the food we grow in our garden to Dirty Dog Organics to be sold to our local community. We are ecstatic to be able to teach our students about farm-to-table economics and use the valuable lessons they take from our gardening program to enrich the lives of others.

From Dirty Dog Organics: “How lucky are we to live in a community that values where their food comes from?! We have a spread of beautiful herbs and produce proudly grown by students Lake Montessori. To say I’m proud to be a part of connecting our youth to real food would be an understatement. To all of our dedicated and amazing educators, parents and volunteers who embrace our children getting their hands dirty at school: DON’T STOP! You are making a positive difference that will last a lifetime.”