If your child is attending our Montessori school in Leesburg for preschool, you are now approaching the time when you must decide on your next steps. Some parents will choose to keep their child in our Montessori program, while others may decide to transfer to a traditional kindergarten setting.

You know your child best, and we respect your decision either way. However, we would like to recommend that your child stay with our program at least through the third year, as the Montessori preschool model was designed for a three-year program, and the third year is the most critical.

Here are some of the reasons why it’s best for your child to stay with us at least till age 6:

Culmination of Their Education So Far

The three-year Montessori model is designed as such to be cumulative. For the first two years, the preschooler is setting the stage for their third year. With the foundation of two years of preschool, your 5-year-old is in a position to take what they’ve learned and apply it to grander concepts. In the third year, Montessori students are learning how to apply what they have learned about learning to think in a more abstract way.

Leadership Opportunities

The third year of Montessori preschool is when students are finally the leaders of their classroom. During the first two years, your child learned from their older peers; now it’s their turn to act as a mentor to younger kiddos. The five-year-olds in a Montessori classroom often step into the teacher role, to the benefit of themselves and their peers alike. By giving them the chance to be a mentor, your child is able to gain more confidence and autonomy.

Follow Their Own Path

The Montessori method was designed to allow children to progress at their own pace. Through the three-year program, they develop a strong sense of their own learning style, and they never have to adapt to either speed ahead or hold themselves back in accordance with the rest of the class. This is not the case in a traditional classroom setting.

If your child is an advanced reader, for example, or is struggling to grasp certain math concepts, a Montessori classroom provides a space for them to go at their own pace rather than get lost in the crowd.

A Comfortable Environment

Kindergarten is a big year for kids. They learn brand-new concepts and are developing at a rapid pace. They can navigate all of these changes much better when they are already in a familiar environment. Because they already know their classroom, our facility, and the Montessori method, they can feel safe and comfortable as they explore bigger, new ideas. If they are transferred to a traditional school, they will have to adapt to a new type of classroom, new teachers, and new students, resulting in information overload that distracts them from their learning.

At Lake Montessori School in Leesburg, we are happy to continue to teach your child until college. A Montessori education is a proven stepping stone to success. If you have more questions, feel free to contact us.