As a busy parent, it might feel like your todo list is a mile long. If you’re doing everything to run your household by yourself, from cooking to cleaning to laundry, you may be underutilizing your resources. Help may not be too far away — in fact, it’s probably next to you right now!

Many parents work under the assumption that their child is too young to perform chores when they’re in preschool. In reality, this is the ideal time to get them involved and teach skills that will set them up for success. While they won’t do it perfectly, and it may take more time at first, teaching your children to do chores now will help you and them in the long run. 

Here are some age-appropriate chores for your preschooler: 

Making Their Bed

Children over the age of 3 are perfectly capable of making their own bed. While it isn’t not going to be perfect, teaching them this habit from a young age will set them up for success. They may need your help initially, especially with heavier covers, but they can at least place their stuffed animals and pillows in their rightful place. 

Wiping Down the Counters

This is a simple chore that could be a big help to you. All you need is a non-toxic cleaning wipe to keep this super simple. They can assist you when you’re cleaning up the kitchen after dinner, and they can wipe down the bathroom counter in the evening after they have brushed their teeth.

Clearing the Table

Children are perfectly capable of carrying toys around, so why not teach them to clear the dinner table? Of course, you want to avoid having them carry very heavy items such as glasses or heavy plates, but plastic is light enough for anyone over 3 to carry. Have them carry plastic plates and cups to the sink, scrape off scraps into the trash or compost, and rinse them off for you. They can even place them in the dishwasher for you! 

Feeding the Pets

If your tot is an animal lover, this will be an especially fun chore for them. You can give your child the right amount of food to scoop and let them put it in the cat or dog’s bowl. If they have a stool, they can even get up to the sink to fill the water dish too. 

Helping with Laundry

Preschoolers can’t operate a washer and dryer without supervision, but they can assist you while you do laundry. For instance, they could sort laundry for you, or carry clean laundry to the corresponding rooms. They may even be able to fold some things, such as towels. 

Picking Up Toys

This chore is a must for any preschooler. This is an important teaching opportunity in personal responsibility. Every child should be responsible for cleaning up their own mess, so set the expectation that any toy they take out, they must put away again. 

We hope these age-appropriate choices help teach your child important life skills while providing some relief for you. If you’re looking for a Montessori preschool in Leesburg, we’re here for you! Contact us today to schedule a tour.