In Florida, we are lucky enough to have been one of the first states to offer the Voluntary Prekindergarten Program, and as a result, we are the nation’s leader in pre-K access. This program offers free preschool for all four year olds in the state, regardless of their family’s income. The VPK program was developed to offer a strong foundation for early learners.

The Benefits of Preschool

Florida supports this program because of the well-documented support of the importance of preschool. Many years of research have shown that preschool has a lasting positive impact on students and aids in child development. Here are some of the benefits of preschool you can anticipate when you enroll your child in our Montessori preschool in Leesburg through the VPK program.

Earlier Socialization

One of the greatest benefits of preschool is that it introduces children to their peers from an early age. The earlier we can begin to socialize our children, the easier it is to develop the skills they need to thrive in school. Sending your child to preschool helps them to interact with children their age enough before kindergarten so that they already have a strong foundation of social skills.

Learn Cooperation

Speaking of social skills, one of the most important your child will learn in preschool in cooperation. Taking turns, sharing, and playing with others are all crucial to help children throughout the entirety of their lives, and preschool provides this early exposure.   

Emotional Development

As a parent, you play a central role in your child’s emotional development, and the right preschool can offer a nurturing support system to help them grow further in this area. By having warm relationships with adults outside of the family home, children receive the consistency they need to learn emotional self-control.

Foster a Love of Learning

When children are exposed to education early on, it endows them with a love of learning that lasts a lifetime. Stimulating their curiosity in preschool helps facilitate a desire to explore the world that will inform their education and career, not to mention their self-worth and relationships.

Develop Language Skills

Preschool is the ideal environment for young children to develop their language skills. Teachers play a big role in helping preschoolers grow their vocabularies by asking them questions and introducing new subject matters. They can then practice these new skills with the other children in their classrooms.

Teach Respect

Preschool puts your child in the position where they interact with all sorts of different people. Through both their relationships with their peers and their relationships with their teachers, preschoolers learn to respect others.

Improve Focus

One of the most crucial abilities that will aid your child in school (and beyond) is focus. This is not something that comes naturally to young children, but preschool offers them the opportunity to further develop this skill in a classroom setting.

Provide Structure

Children thrive when they have the structure they need to feel secure. Preschool offers them a predictable routine, which lets them focus on curiosity and learning rather than anxiety about what’s going to happen next.

Teach Patience

Patience is key to a successful life. None of us can expect to have everything we want immediately. Preschool is the perfect setting to develop this social skill, because your child will have to wait their turn, whether for the slide, a toy, or a teacher’s attention.

Foster Self-Esteem

Having a healthy self-esteem is critical. Children who are confident, optimistic, and secure can move about the world with curiosity, allowing them to become the best version of themselves. By having positive interactions with their teachers and peers, children develop a healthy view of themselves that helps them tackle problems in their life with greater confidence.

Meet Different People

It’s important to meet different types of people from a young age. This helps children learn to accept and appreciate all people, regardless of their culture, beliefs, ethnicity, or ability.

Voluntary Prekindergarten in Leesburg

The Voluntary Prekindergarten Program is a no-brainer for many families, and enrollment is relatively simple. At Lake Montessori, we are proud to offer VPK. If you’re interested in enrolling your preschooler, contact us today to schedule a tour!