Is A Montessori Education Right For My Student?

Our years in middle school can be crucial for who we become as adults; this time in between childhood and teen-aged years is often difficult for kids to navigate. Changes in the body, new chemicals in the brain, and the pressures of society can weigh heavily on adolescents who range from 11-13 years old. However, at Lake Montessori, we understand this tension and we embrace every stage that our students move through. We know that all stages of your child’s life are important and valuable for learning, growing, and developing into who they are meant to be. The middle school years should never be written off or diminished, and our policy is that these years are critical for transitioning into high school.

By the time a student moves into high school, many of their study habits, critical thinking skills, and classroom engagement practices are already set in stone. If the middle school years are not taken seriously and used as a time to implement important routines and habits, students are far more likely to struggle in high school, and arguably, throughout their adult lives. When middle school years are valued and embraced for what they are, we’ve often seen brilliant transitions into the high school world and beyond.

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