At Lake Montessori School, the safety of all our family members is of paramount concern. It is a fine line between containing the normal routine of the children and establishing safety guidelines. Therefore, we are implementing the following precautions:

1.      All adults (anyone over the age of 18) are required to wear masks when coming to the school campus for the remainder of the calendar year.

2.      If a child has a temperature above 99.6°F to please stay home until there is no high temperature.

3.      All children will be given a temperature check when arriving on campus.

4.      Wearing a mask will be optional for students.

5.      All students must wash their hands before lunch.

6.      A three feet distance rule will be implemented for all students on campus until further notice

7.      A weekly deep clean measure will be used by every classroom.

8.      No contact sports and physical education will be practiced at our school until further notice.