Welcome back to our blog page here at Lake Montessori in Leesburg! As people who are passionate about improving our educational methods, we’re always busy around our Montessori School. Though the summer months are in full swing and our elementary kids are not in regular classes, we still maintain our Montessori daycare programs, we have a huge involvement in Camp Montessori, and we’re always getting ready for the next school year.

Whether our teachers are continuing education — something that we’re very passionate about, we’re getting ready for Camp Montessori — the summer’s most exciting adventure, or anything else, you’ll never find us idle. Perhaps that’s why we’re so equipped to be in education. We believe that productivity is crucial for accomplishment and challenges are simply chances to learn. These philosophies are echoed in the way that we educate. Next time you’re in the search for the perfect educational fit for your growing child, instead of searching “child care near me,” contact Leesburg’s leading educational institution, Lake Montessori. Reach out to us to learn about our philosophies, enroll your child in Camp Montessori, or take a tour of our facility.

What Makes Montessori Students Different?

We’re never ones to brag; we know that every educational method can have pros and cons. We’ve seen other institutions produce great qualities in students and we’re excited to see other schools sharing some of our same values. However, there is simply something that stands out about the exceptional nature of Montessori kids. We know that we have Maria Montessori and the Method that she developed to thank for the legacy of high-quality educational procedures that we operate in every day. However, it must be said that our students seem to stand out. Montessori kids simply have certain characteristics that kids educated elsewhere don’t share. Here are some of the biggest differences that we notice between our Montessori kids, and most everyone else.

Montessori Students Show Respect

Anyone who has ever experienced a Montessori education marvels about this point. The foundation of every Montessori classroom is respect. Respect is in the acceptance of the teacher to each of her students, respect is displayed constantly as the children interact with one another, and respect is the focus of every interaction and encounter that our students have while they’re in school. We also strive to partner with parents by emphasizing our respectful behavior in the home as well as at school. When working together, we can develop children who are respectful to everyone with whom they come into contact.

Montessori Students Display Responsibility

Though our youngest students aren’t quite able to master responsibility the way some of the older kids can, responsibility is something that our educational system values and teaches in the undertones of our learning targets. For example, when our students have a list of things to accomplish in a certain amount of time, they’re taught that they must be responsible to complete their obligations within the timeframe. We also have shared responsibilities — such as clean-up — that all of the students take part in on a daily basis. Through these methods, we’re able to teach each and every Montessori student valuable lessons in responsibility.

Montessori Students Are Independent

Every parent eventually desires independence for their child. The issue is often that parents are not able to let students learn from their mistakes, face challenges on their own, and think critically to overcome an obstacle. We understand the temptation to fight our children’s battles for them, but we’ve seen this yield horrible results in the past. Helicopter parenting and too much enabling often produces kids who are dependent, unimaginative, and unable to self-regulate or self-critique.

At our Leesburg Montessori, we feel that since independence is developed by the ability to make choices and mistakes, it’s crucial that we allow these decisions to happen without constantly butting in. It’s only when a child is given some free will to make their own decisions and even their own mistakes, can they learn some of the most valuable and life-shaping lessons.

Montessori Students Show Creativity

Creativity is one of the foundational elements of what we do at our Montessori School. Creativity is such a valuable thing for a child to possess for a number of reasons. All children are born with some degree of creativity, however, it’s how we deal with that creativity that can help or hinder a child in harnessing that creativity for good. Students who are encouraged to use their creative minds for good often foster a love for critical thinking, an affinity for problem-solving, and an ability to work out a solution for a number of difficult situations.

We understand how difficult it may be to see a correlation between an imaginative mind and an ability to excel in problem-solving, however, the proof is in the pudding. Montessori emphasizes creativity, and that creativity lends itself to free-thinking, problem-solving young adults.

Montessori Students Work Together

Because our classrooms emphasize reliance on each other and collaboration, we’ve been able to set a foundation of cooperation and working together. Much of this is due to the fact that Montessori classrooms often have different age groups. We’ve found that when there are a variety of ages present, the older students often feel a sense of leadership and have an opportunity to help the younger ones, and the younger kids feel a sense of gratefulness and admiration for the former. There are so many reasons why our students love working together, but we can’t help but realize that it’s possibly due to a combination of many of the above points.

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