The students at our Montessori school in Leesburg are capable, confident, and curious. They go on to be successful in academics and beyond school. This is because this approach offers them the opportunity to identify and develop their natural passions and skills. The child-centered nature of the Montessori method fosters their curiosity and love of learning, so they pursue what truly engages their interest. This sets them up to thrive in an area where they are both naturally talented and willing to put in a lot of work, which is why so many successful people are Montessori graduates. If you would like your child to benefit from this educational approach, contact our Montessori school in Leesburg.

  1. How to Love Your Child Unconditionally

    Unconditional love provides children with the security they need to feel safe exploring the world. When a child feels that they will be loved no matter what, they can take risks because they aren’t consumed with worry about how what they do will be perceived by their parents. They can foster their…Read More

  2. Raising Resilient Children: Essential Qualities to Foster

    Every successful person has one important quality in common: they’re resilient. In order to succeed, you will inevitably fail. The difference between people who achieve their goals and those who give up on their dreams is their ability to stand up, brush themselves off, and try again. Thomas Ediso…Read More

  3. All About Maria Montessori, Pt. 2

    At Lake Montessori in Leesburg, we’re passionate about seeing every child accepted for who they are, taught at their level, and celebrated for their one-of-a-kind attributes. With so many public and private educational methods, it seems that children are filtered through in masses with little to n…Read More

  4. All About Maria Montessori, Pt. 1

    Welcome back to our blog page here at Lake Montessori! Even with summer quickly approaching, we are finding ourselves incredibly busy with tours, phone calls, and numerous emails from parents and guardians who are looking for the best education for their children. And this is a process that you can …Read More