Camps run Monday – Friday during the summer

8:30am – 5:30pm


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Campers will enjoy 8 weekly themed camps, including…

Favorite’s Week (June 5th – 9th)

  • This week allows students to get to know one another while expressing their favorite things through out the week.

Animals Week (June 12th – 16th)

  • Campers will learn about different types of animals: including, farm, ocean, rain forest, etc.

Survival Week (June 19th – 23rd)

  • Campers will be put to the test, can they tie the appropriate knot, can they build a shelter, or find water? Hopefully this camp will help them survive the wilderness.

Crazy Craft Week (June 26th – 30th)

  • Tie dying, no sew projects, picture frames, lets get creative!

Stars & Stripes Week (July 5th – 7th)

  • 4th of July Theme, picnic, red, white & blue, all the fun packed into three days.

Wet & Water Week (July 10th -14th)

  • Make our own water park. Water balloons, squirt guns, prepare to get soaked!

Space Week (July 17th – 21st)

  • Lets create the solar system! What is a constellation or astrology?

Olympic Games (July 24th – 28th)

  • Stretch your muscles because we will put them to the test!