Lake Montessori is proud to be a partner with the American Montessori Society. AMS is a membership organization, a collaboration of teachers, administrators, schools, families, and others who prize Montessori education.

As an AMS Partner Member School, we proudly support our common goals:

  • ensuring high standards for Montessori schools and teacher education programs
  • providing professional development for Montessori teachers
  • raising public awareness and understanding of Montessori education

As an AMS member, we are part of a movement to improve education for children around the globe, with representation at the United Nations and a strong advocacy voice in public policy affairs.

Each classroom at Lake Montessori has at least one AMS Member guiding students.

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AdvancED is the largest community of education professionals in the world.

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The National Independent Private School Association (NIPSA) is dedicated to providing children with the best education possible. That’s why they spend so much time focused on improving the quality of accredited schools with structured educational models and materials, as well as consulting services, workshops, and conferences for educators.

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